Saurabh Jain

About Me

My name is Saurabh Jain and I am an Android Technical Lead and DevOps Engineer at Yahoo! I work on Android platform's various form factors like mobile devices, tablets and Android TV.

I have previously worked on VR and Android Wear as well. I work primarily on Yahoo and AOL's android mobile applications and in house SDK's.

At the time of writing this(06/2022) I am more than a year into Android Engineer turned Android DevOps Engineer who feels passionate about supporting and enhancing all of Yahoo and AOL's android build system and tooling.

More on my skills here (doc-version here). When I am not working I can be found exploring different cities of the world.

Story So Far

I grew up in New Delhi, India where I also went to my high school Summer Fields and completed BS in Computer Science at MDU.

In an aspiration to get my graduate degree thereafter, I went to USC and graduated with MS in Computer Science in 2011 from Viterbi School of Engineering.

In 2012 I joined AOL Inc.(now part of Yahoo!) where I have been part of various product development teams over the past decade.

Here are some of the live products I have worked on: Yahoo App, TechCrunch, Yahoo News. Follwing apps also benefited from an internal Ads SDK which I owned: Yahoo Fantasy Sports, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Weather, Yahoo Finance, Aol.